Avalon Corridor Strategy – Community Consultation and Engagement

Avalon Corridor Strategy draft Report

Now is your opportunity to have your say and help influence the Framework Plan and Key Principles of the Avalon Corridor Strategy.

The Avalon Corridor Strategy report will guide Government bodies for decades to come on planning decisions in the Little River area.

What are your thoughts? You can let the City of Greater Geelong (CoGG) know – up to 21st September – your thoughts and ideas on the Key Principles, the Framework Plan and other issues that affect Little River such as:

  • Will there be further development in the Little River area
  • Can I get a building permit for my vacant land
  • Can I subdivide my land
  • Conservation & recreation trails
  • The control of vermin and weeds
  • Recycled water for the area
  • The state of the Little River river

To make a submission, email: Avalon_CorridorStrategy@geelongcity.vic.gov.au. You can also make written or phoned submissions.

See https://yoursay.geelongaustralia.com.au/ACS for more details.

Framework Plan

Framework Plan

This is the main output of the ACS. It identifies:

  • Land to be protected
  • Land with capacity to be developed
  • Measures to maintain a green break

Key Principles

North Precinct Principles

  1. Protect open rural landscapes and viewsheds towards the You Yangs
  2. Encourage broad scale rural/agricultural activity, including opportunities associated with recycled water
  3. Discourage the further fragmentation of land
  4. Discourage small scale/incremental development which would be in conflict with broader land designations
  5. Acknowledge the existing settlement areas of Lara and Little River, but limit development in line with current policies
  6. Protect the potential future rail link to Avalon Airport, and the visual amenity of the designated corridor as the future airport entrance
  7. Acknowledge and protect ongoing future operations of hte Wyndham Refuse Disposal Facility and Holcim Quarry
  8. Identify opportunity for artistic gateway treatment along Princis Freeway as part of future intersectio ntreatment of OMR Transport Link

Little River Community & Sporting Centre

LIttle River Community Sporting Club exists in order to operate, maintain and promote the LIttle River Community Sporting Centre. Sporting and Community Groups that use this facility are Little River Cricket Club, Little River Junior Football Club, Little River Tennis Club, Little River Hotel Social Club and Little River Lions Club. The Little River Community Sporting Centre is available for hire for private functions and has bar and kitchen facilities.Content posted to this page by third parties do not necessarily reflect the views of the Little River Community and Sporting Centre.

Little River Community Landcare

Little River Community Landcare

Little River Community Landcare is the new name for this group. Our purpose is to work with the community to enhance and protect the natural environment around Little River.

Our Aims:

• Improve the health and accessibility of Little River

• Improve the visual amenity

• Promote sustainable agriculture…

Lions Club of Little River

History: Formed as a Branch Club of Lara Lions on 21/01/2004.

Chartered as a Lions Club 11/06/2005.

Our ongoing projects include:-

  • Boneseed control in the You Yangs.
  • Lions Christmas Cakes and Lions Mints
  • Sale of Christmas trees
  • Little River School Fair – hot food stand
  • Junior Ambassador
  • Airshows Downunder (in alternate years)
  • Tree planting
  • Graffiti removal
  • Rubbish clean up around town
  • Chryslers by the Bay – hot food stand
  • Help for local residents as needed
  • Marshals at Children’s Day (Werribee Park)
  • Annual lawn bowls challenge with Lara Lions
  • Donations to local school
  • various disaster relief funds
  • Australia Day Breakfast
  • Council Australia Day car parking (Werribee).