The Avalon Corridor Strategy Draft Report is now available. See Until 21st September 2021 you can have your say and make a submission regarding this proposed strategy.

The document has the fingerprints of Avalon Airfield and the big land developers all over it. There is not much in the document about Little River – It is basically just don’t get in the way of the big boys – and don’t rock the boat so Avalon flight paths can continue over the area. Apart from that, there is no vision and no plan for the area. How will it affect you?

Now is the time to be aware of proposals that will affect you, your land and Little River for generations to come.

Framework Plan

Is the main output of the ACS. It identifies:

  • Land to be protected for cultural and heritage, environmental and landscape character values
  • Land with capacity to be developed for crutical infrastructure and employment generating uses
  • Measures required to maintain a green break between Geelong and Melbourne

Key Northern Precinct Principles

  1. Protect open rural landscapes and viewsheds towards the You Yangs
  2. Encourage broad scale rural/agricultural activity, including opportunities associated with recycled water
  3. Discourage the further fragmentation of land
  4. Discourage small scale/incremental development which would be in conflict with broader land designations
  5. Acknowledge the existing settlement areas of Lara and Little River, but limit development in line with current policies
  6. Protect the potential future rail link to Avalon Airport, and the visual amenity of the designated corridor as the future airport entrance
  7. Acknowledge and protect ongoing future operations of the Wyndham Refuse Disposal Facility and Holcim Quarry
  8. Identify opportunity for artistic gateway treatment along Princis Freeway as part of future intersectio ntreatment of OMR Transport Link

ACS Issues

  • Can you build on your land?
  • Why are small acreages classed as Farm Zone?
  • Maintain the “Viewshed” to the You Yangs
  • Can they fix the Little River?
  • Can the Little River be a wildlife corridor?
  • WIll CoGG start doing their share?
    • Fix the roads
    • Fix the weed problem
    • promote small agribusinesses

A Plan & Vision for Little River

  • Can LIttle River be promoted as a conservation area?
  • Why not some limited development in LR?
    • Give LR a heart – a small shopping centre
    • lack of community in LR
    • lack of basic facilities most towns enjoy
    • a Hub to promote eco-tourism
    • Area for tourists & community to meet for a coffee
  • Can we work with Avalon instead of them fighting us (LIttle River)?
  • Can the area be a recycled water zone?
    • agri-tourist area
    • boutique agri-businesses
    • horticulture
    • other non-offensive intensive agriculture
  • Bicycle paths and walking tracks to and through conservation zones
    • to You Yangs
    • along Little River
    • to Western Grasslands Reserve
    • to and through Western Treatment Plant (RAMSAR area)
    • to Mt Rothwell Conservation area
  • The Little River Brand
    • promote co-op enterprises
    • outlet for LR products
    • encourage agri-tourism & eco-tourism
    • take advantage of proximity to fwy and Avalon